Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Lower Your Bad Cholesterol Naturally With Help Of Magic Foods

Naturally Lower Cholesterol, Have Crisp-Clean Arteries, Live A Longer Healthier Life AND Have Your Heart Thank You For It

That yellow waxy, fatty stuff in your blood is one reason your arteries become depositories for biological muck called plaque that narrows the blood vessels and shortens the gap between you abd heart disease.

Yet cholesterol is not a simple matter, some components of cholesterol are dangerous to arteries, while others are beneficial.

Furthermore, what you eat may actually detoxify detrimental cholesterol so it cannot harm arteries, regardless of cholesterol’s complexities, on thing is undeniable.

What you eat can put a striking dent in dangeruos cholesterol AND, more spectacularly, acorrding to new findings, change its character so it is not so deadly.

This radical new way of controlling cholesterol by detoxifying it, acorrding to new reaserch, promises to slow dramitically the progression of atherosclerosis by 50-70 per cent and even help reverse existing artery clogging by shrinking the clumps of plaque on artery walls.

Leading researcher around the world agree that they can also attack the disease at artery wall as well as by simply lowering cholesterol, they are all very exicted”

you can use food to control cholesterol with Magic Foods

Esentially, you should eat in a way to lower one type of cholesterol, called LDL (low density lipoprotein) and boost another type, known as HDL (high density lipoprotein) That’s because the LDLs are ‘bad guys’ that serve as raw material to clog arteries, in contrast the ‘good guy’ HDLs gobble up LDL ‘villans’ AND CART THEM TO THE LIVER, WHERE THEY ARE annihilated.

Obviously, the more HDL and less LDL you have in your blood, the safer your arteries, certain foods help bring this about by destroying detrimental LDLs and creating beneficial HDLs…

Now enters an exiciting new theory that promises to make it possible to control cholesterol with food in ways unimagined even a few years ago.

According to that new theory put forth by leading experts from around the world, here’s how arteries get clogged, special forms of oxygen known as free radicals in the blood collide with fatty LDL cholesterol molecules, oxidizing them.

The LDL then turns rancid, much as unrefrigerated butter does, in this altered form it is quickly gobbled up by cells called macrophages.

Stuffed with fat globules, the macrophages enlarge into dreaded ‘foam cells’ WHICH INSINUATE themselves into artery walls, triggering artery destruction.

If you can prevent this toxic transformation, you LDL cholesterol may remain relatively harmless, so the issue is not just how much LDL cholesterol your blood contains, but how much of it is ‘TOXIC’ oxidized LDL, capable of clogging your arteries many experts believe that LDL cholesterol is not so dangerous to arteries unless it is converted into toxic form by oxygen free radicals in your blood.

That’s where diet can be poweful weapon, mounting evidence shows you can block LDL’s toxic transformation, and thus its awesome hazards, by eating foods packed with protective antioxidants.

This means you might intervene at very ”genesis of atherosclerosis’ at every stage of life, blocking the cascade of arteries events that create clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes, it is a thrilling prospect..


To combat hazardous blood cholesterol, reduce bad LDL cholesterol, boost good HDL cholesterol and keep as much as possible of your LDL from becoming toxic to your arteries..

Naturally Lower Cholesterol, Have Crisp-Clean Arteries

HERE are your best bets for doing it with diet

Eat dried beans or legumes, they are one of nature’s cheapest, most widely available, fastest-acting and safest cholesterol-fighting drugs.

They consistently strike down high cholesterol, studies show, according many experts believe eating 6oz of cooked dried beans a day generally suppresses bad cholesterol about 40 per cent…

You can expect results in three weeks or so, All types of beans work, Pintos, black, navy kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, soya beans..Even plain old canned baked beans, in one test 6 oz of campbells canned beans depressed cholesterol 14 per cent in in middle-aged men with high cholesterol who ate a typical high fat diet.

Don’t forget soya beans, they too are potent cholesterol-reducers according to numerous studies done throughout the world, soya protein was declared the most effective dietery way to suppress cholesterol…

The secret is in the soya protein, found in such foods as whole and split soya beans, soya milk, tofu, textured soya protein and tempeh, but not soya sauce and soya bean oil..

Also studies have shown that eating 4oz of oat bran cereal or 6oz of beans per day can lower cholesterol in most people…

Even simple Oats can drive down cholesterol, eating a medium-sized bowl of cooked oat bran or large bowl of oatmeal can do the job

Power of garlic can get rid of ‘dracula’ Eating 3 fresh cloves of garlic a day can lower cholesterol by 10-15 per cent in some people, it does not matter whether the galic is cooked or raw, they are has effective both ways, Six secret compounds found in garlic have been identified that lower cholesterol by suppressing the liver’s synthesis of cholesterol.

Half a onion a day, raw onion is one of the best treatments for boosting beneficial HDL cholesterol, Half onion, or equivalent in juice, raises HDLs an average 30 per cent in most people with heart disease or cholesterol problems, cooking onions can lose their HDL raising powers, (Cooked onions fight heart disease in other ways) if you can eat half raw onion a day or any amount can help lift all important HDLs…

Olive oil both cuts bad LDL cholesterol and raises or keeps good HDL the same, improving your heart-saving HDL/LDL ratio, in contrast, oils such as corn, soya, bean, sunflower lower both good HDL and detrimental LDL..

Avocados, suprising but true that eating avocados can definately lower your cholesterol, avocados have rich concentration of same type cholesterol-improving fat as almonds and olive oil, eating 1-4 avocados a day can help in reducing cholesterol..

Strawberries, Give your blood an injection of vitamin C, and E, and other antioxidants by eating fruits and vegetables, they are anticholesterol superfoods, Vitamin C combats cholesterol dangers two important ways, it acts as a bodyguard for HDLs that constantly cleanse your arteries of bad stuff.

Apples, and othe foods high in a soluble fibre called pectin can help drive down your cholesterol too, tests have proven that eating 4-3 apples a day in your ordinary diet for a month could help lower LDL cholesterol by 80 per cent..

Carrots, can help suppress bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, they too are full of anticholesterol soluble fibre including pectin, couple of carrots a day can lower cholesterol by 10-40 er cent, also the amounts of beta carotene in one or two carrots can also boost good HDL significantly, carrots fibre remains therapeutic whether the carrots are raw, cooked, frozen, canned, chopped or liquefied.