Top Antioxidant Supplements

Top Antioxidant Supplements – Helping You Live Healthier

AntioxidantSo what are these antioxidants every one is talking about and why did our predecessors of years gone by not need to use them? The answer to this is quite simple, it is no secret that people belonging to a generations that lived a few hundred years ago were healthier individuals and lived much longer than we do today. The reason for this longevity was their healthy lifestyle and healthier environment. There were fewer oxidants in and around them to do the kind of extensive damage to the immune system and also the cell regeneration system than there are today.

Oxidants are free radical molecules that attack our immune system, brain cells and body cells causing them to degenerate much faster than they would normally have sans the oxidants in the system. These oxidants destroy brain cells causing memory loss and slower reflexes as time goes by. The cells of the body are also destroyed faster and have to be replaced at a much faster pace than they used to causing an increased rate of aging. The cardiovascular system is also damaged because these free radical molecules work on the bad cholesterol in out system and form a plaque inside the blood vessels leading to blockage of the arteries and causing heat attacks and strokes. It is evident that oxidization of cells in the body needs to be slowed down drastically if not stopped –though that is not possible. If the oxidation of the cells is slowed the aging will automatically slow, and the brain cells will also be preserved for much longer periods of time.

The only way to slow the oxidation of cells is to resort to the use of top antioxidant supplements. Proleva is by far the best the medical fraternity has known. Taken on a regular basis these top antioxidant supplements such as Proleva will slow down the aging process by almost 700 percent. That is commendable as other antioxidant supplements claim to achieve above 300 percent control on over all health. Provela, taken regularly will prove to be the top of the top antioxidant supplements contributing to your healthier lifestyle.

Most nutrition experts will prescribe top antioxidants for the use of their clients as these top antioxidant supplements that are present in Provela cannot be found in adequate quantity in the food we cook and eat. Even the minute quantities that are present are destroyed by the heat during cooking.

Antioxidant Supplements