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In the current era of skyrocketing healthcare costs and a higher social awareness of health issues than ever, it is no surprise that the supplement industry is now a multi-billion dollar marketplace. While the vast majority of supplements on the market today are safe, the effectiveness of any supplement for a particular usage can vary greatly. If you are shopping for or comparing different supplements, remember that marketing hype is often just that; hype. Not all supplements are effective, and many rely on outrageous claims instead of solid research. From the “latest” lose weight fast fad to the massive advertising campaigns promising amazing results in athletic performance from the use of a simple pill, a healthy dose of skepticism should be used with all “too good to be true” claims you hear. In the United States, supplements are governed mainly by DSHEA, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Contrary to popular opinion, supplements are not required to be tested or approved by any government agency or lab, unlike drugs. It’s a “buyer beware” environment when it comes to comparing nutritional supplements, and your best ally is solid research.

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