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Proleva compared to Juvenon and Protandim

Proleva is one of the newest antioxidant supplements on the market today. The most well-known competitors to Proleva are Juvenon and Protandim. In many ways, Proleva is a superior product to these competitors, because Proleva is derived only from natural sources of antioxidants, i.e berries and herbs. The main ingredient in Juvenon is L-carnitine, a synthetic chemical that has shown promise in laboratory studies of aging in rats. Protandim is made up of hebal ingredients that are supposed to fight “oxidative stress” by promoting the body to product its own. Whether or not Proleva can actually halt the effects of aging remains to be seen. As nutritional supplements, Proleva, Juvenon, and Protandim are not bound by the same testing and procedures necessary for prescription drugs.

Since Proleva is not a drug, it is limited in the claims it can make regarding its effects on health. While Proleva is “not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease”, this disclaimer is a function of the FDA rules and regulations. Since Proleva contains natural anti-oxidant sources in the form of berries, then Proleva should have free radical neutralizing effects. Proleva’s effects may not be instantaneous, but those searching for a magic bullet by purchasing Proleva, Juvenon, or Protandim are likely to be disappointed by any nutritional supplement. Proleva, also called Proleva antioxidant formula, is a promising supplement in the battle to slow and reverse aging and its associated diseases. Juvenon and Protandim, while both synthetic formulations, are aimed at fighting aging and age-related maladies as well.